Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Pressure to Be Sexy

***DISCLAIMER: I never said that men think this way of women but rather what society and the media portray women this way***

Hi everyone! So today I wanted to write about the pressures girls feel from society. 

To me, it seems as though girls are being pressured everyday to be 'sexy' and 'flawless' whether we know it consciously or subconsciously. The grossest part about this pressure is that it's all with one goal in mind; to get a guys attention.

In the media, we girls, are taught to think that we are not of any value unless a guy likes us and gives us their attention. And that in order to attain this guys attention we need to 'dress to impress' and have flawless this, flawless that. The pressure is unreal!

We are constantly being bombarded with images of what we should look like in order to achieve attention. 

We are told that if we don't get this kind of attention that we are 'unwanted' and 'unloved'.

So maybe no ad ever directly says these things but, they imply that you have a problem by giving you the solution.

No ad should ever have the right to tell us these kinds of things!

These ads tell us that our minds, thoughts and our dreams don't matter because if you can't be 'sexy' no one will ever love you!

It's completely disgusting! Treating women as though they are sex toys, not people! It makes me outraged people have the nerve to tell us what we should be! No one should ever be put down like that, just so that a product can sell!

What makes this worse, is that there are girls out there that swallow up everything these marketers tell them. They try to achieve this idea of being 'sexy' at age 13, so that they can get all the boys! And when they don't reach their goal, their value, in their minds, is belittled.

They take this pressure from the ads and carry it. It eats away at them from the inside and causes so many problems mentally. Whether it's a poor body image, a low self esteem, anxiety, an eating disorder or depression, it can be caused by all this pressure.

With the pressure of today's media and fashion, we are told that what men want, we will be. As if we are a sex toy that is supposed to be played with. 

We are people. NOT toys and not sexual objects that will carry out your every will. We are people with feelings and thoughts.

What should matter is our thoughts, how we perceive things, who we are and what are personality is. Everything else shouldn't matter because it's not what makes you, you. What makes you different from everyone else.

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