Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Misconceptions about Feminism

Now, before you ask me "Kat, what are you doing????? Do you even know what feminism is????? It's SO bad!!!" I let you know that I do know what this word means and that in fact, this is something that I thoroughly believe ever single person on this planet should be!
However, we get people putting a bad name on Feminism by spreading false facts about it.
So to clear up a few of these misconceptions, I'll let you know about a few of them and what feminism really is.

Just because the word begins with a "Fe" does not mean that it's only something girls can be. In fact by saying that only girls can be feminists is actually quite controversial, as feminism is the search for gender equality. It is to benefit both men and women, not one over the other.

Again..., this is quite controversial. A feminist would believe that neither gender is better than the other, therefore they would not hate a specific gender. They may hate someone of the opposite gender but that would not imply that they hate them because of their gender.

So technically speaking, this one is right. I mean, all the laws point towards gender equality so, what's the problem, right? WRONG! Both men and women are still affected by gender inequality on a day to day basis. Society tells us that it is still not acceptable for men to wear skirts and dresses. It is still not acceptable for women to go topless. It is still not acceptable for men to show their feelings. It is still not acceptable for women to become a mechanical engineer because that is a 'boy' job. Toys in the store are still being labeled as 'Toys for boys; trucks, cars, Lego' and 'Toys for girls; Barbies, Princess', Faireies'. Girls are still expected to be sexy and guys are expected to always want to receive sex. That is how things are in North America. So maybe the law is fair but both men and women are being placed into separate categories and that is NOT okay!

So there you go, three of the misconceptions are cleared up! Trust me, if you talk to anyone who is a true feminist, they will say the same thing about each of the misconceptions!
I hoped you like my blog post this time around.
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