Monday, 16 November 2015

Living for Today

Live in the moment.

It's far easier said than done.

I for one, know that I have some trouble with this, especially when I'm alone.

There are definitely times where I breath nothing but the air of now. But I also often feel as though my thoughts wander too far away from now. 

So what is 'The Now' and how do we live in it?

I guess I don't really know. 

I can say for certain that I know what it is when I am with my friends thinking about nothing but everything we're up to. But when I'm alone, I can't seem to live in the moment.

I think a lot. I constantly have new thoughts in my head. Sometimes so many thoughts that I can't focus on what is coming out of my mouth. 

Often times, these thoughts are about my past within the last year or so.  Random things that happened with the guys I've crushed on or dated, problems I've had with friends, people I'm missing. 

These thoughts often happen when I'm alone and have nothing to do. These thoughts happen when I'm not living in the now.  

I think that when we're alone, we think about our past interactions with other humans almost as a reflex. Mostly because we need to feel comforted that we aren't all alone. 

So maybe in order to live in the now, we need constant human interaction, or at least a lot of it. 

We also have to remember not to venture to far into the future either.

I often find myself getting really excited about an up coming event and disregarding everything that stands in the way of me and that event. 

I feel like we really shouldn't do this either. We shouldn't go through the motions of today just to get to tomorrow.

We should feel like we want to be doing what we're doing at this moment and if we feel like we don't want to be doing it, then why are we doing it at all?

Living in the now doesn't mean planning something so that one day you'll be happy. It means living your life the way you want to now because, it makes you happy. 

So give it a go and really try to live for today, not yesterday and not tomorrow.

Until next time, 


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