Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

Hey everyone! So it's been a while since I have posted and I thought I would come back today with a new post! So I thought I would give a small recap of all the cool things I've done and accomplished in 2015, as well as the new things I am looking forward to doing this year! I know, I know, I'm a little late considering it's almost February but, whatever! It's still January so it's not too late.

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So lets begin at the start of 2015; January.

In January, I did something I thought I would never have the courage to do; I asked a boy to be my boyfriend. I got tired of waiting for him to ask me so I went out and did it myself! To a lot of you, this is probably nothing, but to me, it was a HUGE deal! Plus he was my very first ever boyfriend! I was incredibly proud of myself and I felt very accomplished!


I got to take the, hands down, most amazing trip of my life! I went to Oahu, Hawaii and had the most grand time I have ever had! We flew in to Honolulu (Hawaii's Capital city) but my family stayed on the north shore which was the most amazing decision ever! For those of you who like the city life, it might be weird but to me it was amazing. From my back porch, I had a lovely view of the mountains and from my front door, I could see the ocean. Every view was breath taking. I will most definitely going back there when I'm older!


Well, I turned 16! Other than that, not much happened. I wasn't the most happiest person this month as my boyfriend at the time and I split up. :( But it's okay, it wasn't meant to be.


April felt pretty great! I was beginning to feel better about the whole break up ordeal. The one good thing that happened in April was ice show! As a figure skater, once a year in April I get to partake in an ice show put on for the community by my club. Last year's was super fun because I had a solo and I nailed every jump and spin in both shows!! :)


So all through February, March and April, I didn't really like any of the classes I was taking so I let my grades slip a little. In May I decided that I was going to change that and I did! I brought my marks up into the 90's, where I like them and was rather pleased with myself. At this point, I was way past over my ex-boyfriend so I was feeling great!


For some odd reason, the month of June is a blur. I'm not sure why but maybe it was because I had exams?? I don't really know??

July and August:

In the summer, I got to go on the coolest exchange ever! Through the YMCA SWSE, myself and about 7 other girls from the region traveled by train to Laval, Quebec. Little did I know that I was in for a journey of a lifetime when I signed up for this exchange. The way it worked was that I switched places with another person my age and lived in their place in their family, while they did the same with mine! I would love to say that I got super close with my host family but, I didn't. They weren't bad people but they also didn't really want to take great care of me. That was okay because I met such amazing friends while on this exchange! I am still in touch with them today which is super cool! Plus, I got to learn so much french while working at my job placement (a summer camp)!! I can't say I'm 100% fluent but, I am way better than I was when I started!


When grade 11 started, I made a promise to myself. That I would make new friends (as the ones I was hanging out with were a BIT dramatic..) and that I would make every single day count towards a very happy year. At school the previous year, I had had a lot of friend drama that made it a bit difficult to be happy every single day. Anyways, this year I started talking to different people, eating lunch with different people and let me say that I am way happier than I was last year. The people I hang out with now are positive, confident and really bring out the best in me!


In October, I had to say goodbye to a friend. A friend of mine had an exchange student from Germany come over and I had to say goodbye when they left. :( However, it was not all bad because I started this blog!!! I definitely was way more consistent in posting back then but, you know, whatever.      


My self confidence in November sky rocketed! I did a lot of little things that made me feel totally awesome and I definitely had a lot of fun! Nothing specific happened, however I just remember having a good time! :)


The end of the year was approaching and my self confidence was still good! Even though this year I was making new friends and had new friends, I didn't feel ready to let go of the old ones quite yet. It took until the end of December to feel comfortable letting go completely! That's okay because it isn't easy to let go of people and not look back! I am definitely happy that I did let go of the ones I did and I'm also glad that kept the ones I did!

New Year Resolutions:

I have never in my life made a proper New Year resolution. As strange as that is for some of you, I have NEVER made a resolution to do this or that. I just don't do that! I have made the same resolution for years and it is; to have a happy year! You just don't know what life is going to throw at you and I always wish for this! I hope you do too!

Until next time,

Kat :)

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