Wednesday, 28 October 2015

My Favourite Quote

Hi everyone!! So today I thought I would share a quote that I live by with you today.
"A day without laughter is a day wasted."
I don't know who said it but I know that it's one that always pops into my head whenever I've had a bad day. 
When I'm lying in my bed, trying to sleep and I feel crummy from an event that took place, I will instantly think of this quote.
Every single time I ask myself the question, "have you laughed today?" the answer is yes. 
This means that my day was worth living because I had at least a bit of fun, regardless of the fact that something else bummed me out. 
This also shows me that even though part of my world today felt like it was falling apart, not all of it was. In fact most of it probably wasn't. 
It's kind of like finding the rainbow after the rainstorm.
I love this quote SO much because with one simple question, your perspective on your day and how it went can completely change. 
It gives me a far more positive view on my life and allows me to keep my chin up and march to the beat of my own drum!
I hope that this quote can change your perspective on your day to day life too.
Comment down below a quote that you like to live by, I'd love to hear!
Until next time, 

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